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App Store Descriptions:

PATCH is citizen science app, designed to make birding a fun and interactive experience. With PATCH, users will contribute to research tracking the effects of climate change on trailing-edge species at the University of Georgia’s Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. Using PATCH’s archive of birds, users will be able to easily track their findings, build a personal gallery, and see what they’ve found with our map!


Tracking: Allows users to locate their whereabouts in-app as well as see bird species that were spotted in their area. Identification: Includes a thorough index of bird species and a detailed description, so users have the most accurate bird sightings and records. Leaderboard: Allows users to compare their bird sightings with others in their area. Users are ranked based on the number of bird species you track… Birds with friends anyone? Profile: User’s bird sightings and brief personal description. Also shows progressive badges the user has earned. Gallery: Makes it easy for users to point, shoot capture a bird, and save it their personal gallery in seconds.


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