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PATCH: Track and Log Birds, Contribute to Important Research on Climate Change

Wanting to track birds like never before? Look no further. PATCH is a citizen science app that encourages a friendly competition amongst bird watchers to find and report on the migratory patterns of the southernmost individuals of bird species breeding in North America.

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Our Core Features


The tracking feature allows users to locate their whereabouts in-app as well as see bird species that were spotted in their area.


The identification tab includes a thorough index of bird species and a detailed description, so you’ll always have the most accurate bird sightings and records.


Our leaderboard feature allows users to compare their bird sightings with others in your area. Users are ranked based on the number of bird species you track. Birds with friends anyone?

Photo Tab/Gallery

Our camera and gallery feature makes it easy to point, shoot and capture a bird and save it to your personal gallery in seconds.


Before heading out on your birding adventure, utilize our checklist feature to take note of which birds you hope to spot. Check off your findings throughout the day!

Citizen Science

So, what is citizen science? Citizen science is scientific research conducted, in whole or in part, by amateur scientists. When you use PATCH, you can rest easy knowing your contribution is going towards climate change and bird migration research, all while doing something you’re passionate about. Win-win!

Why Choose Us for Your Bird Watching Needs?

Why Patch?

Due to climate change, bird species’ migratory ranges appear to be shifting poleward, resulting in a lack of information on the rate of change and the implications for population viability and genetic diversity. As users log their bird sightings on PATCH, the data will help provide information both to the public and to researchers about the effects of climate change on wildlife populations.

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Citizen Science

PATCH is partnering with eBird to create a simple, fun way for birders to track and log southeastern bird species. All of the data you collect will then be automatically shared with the eBird database, ensuring that your entries are contributing to the nationwide citizen science mission.

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Get Product Updates

The world of bird watching is constantly changing, and so are we. Make sure you arer keeping up to date with our updates so you have all the best technology to track and log your birds best.

Visual Design Kit

Our visual design kit is your one-stop-shop for everything PATCH. First, download everything (all in one place for your convenience). Open the visual design document PDF to see why we chose our colors, our mascots, and so much more. There's a method to the madness! After learning all about PATCH's visual elements, feel free to use our 3 logo variations in any situation that you see fit! Each variation comes in 3 sizes, and each comes in an AI, SVG, PNG, and JPG format. The JPG formats have a white background, while the AI, SVG, and PNG have a transparent background. Our combination logo (with our iconic bird and copy), can be used in a variety of settings, whether in a powerpoint presentation or to express your appreciation for PATCH. Our circle logo should be used in settings where space is limited. The PATCH logo will take you far. Lastly, our copy "PATCH" logo will probably be your least used within the kit. We just wanted to include it just in case!